colorado fiber network

Designed to build on the expertise and synergy of 5 individual networks, Colorado Fiber Network exists to serve the state of Colorado through internet connectivity and fiber optic technology.

We service many critical businesses and community organizations

With statewide and regional reach, we offer ethernet transport (MEF compliant services), dedicated facilities, and dedicated internet access services.


Fiber optic technology is the most advanced technology available and enables faster internet speeds


We provide service to schools, library districts, and community anchor institutions


We interconnect Colorado and provide regional connections to neighboring states and regions


Together, our 5 companies offer fiber facilities across CO, enabling Gigabit communities

Our Service Network

With regional connections to Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico, our network covers the entire state of Colorado.

Colorado Fiber Network Service Areas

Benefits of Fiber

  • Powerful Wifi
  • Greater bandwidth
  • Heightened security
  • Longer distances
  • Promotes economic activity
  • Faster speeds
  • Better signal strength
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced latency
  • Uploads as fast as downloads

Between the 5 member companies, Colorado Fiber Network reaches over 750 lit buildings, 63 schools/library districts, and 365 community anchor institutions. Currently, we have 11 interconnection/peering points throughout Colorado.

The 5 Companies that make up Colorado Fiber Network

These five companies offer fiber facilities throughout Colorado, and, together, comprise Colorado Fiber Network.

Want to learn more?

Colorado Fiber Network is dedicated to Colorado. Would you like to talk more about how we serve the state?